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Point-to Point/Transfer
Point to point transportation service is the same thing as saying “to go from point A to point B.” Point to point car service generally refers to one way leg trips. Same goes for point to point limo service. For example you are picked up from your home to airport. Point to point transportation can also be from hotel to the airport. Generally, point-to-point is available Sunday to Thursday. Point to point transportation is normally performed in luxurious Lincoln Towncar, or other sedans. We will also allow point to point transportation in stretch limos.

Chicago Point-to Point/Transfer Limousine Services

Chicago Point To Point LimousineWe recognise that each event will have its own specific requirements and logistical challenges, we are receptive to these, we will listen and present solutions, moreover, if we are unable to assist you, we will be honest enough to say so and suggest alternative organisation. With our large fleet of chauffeured car for corporate shows, presentation and award functions we are able give to your event the impact expected.

Point-to-Point limo service to and from events anywhere within the Chicago land and Suburbs. Available at airport, hotels and where you need it, American City Limousine Chauffeur is at your disposal for all event transportation's request. Present in Chicago majors event our fleet of high class vehicles are kept maintained to the highest standards and our drivers are very familiar with all the key venues around the Chicago downtown and surroundings.

American City Limousine managing Point-to-Point transportation has been built on understanding the challenges that a event organiser encounters. We work with you to tailor our services to meet your unique needs. From pre-planning, to communications, to amenities, to constant monitoring of the event, we provide you and your travelers with a stress-free and memorable experience

Generally, point-to-point is available Sunday to Thursday. Point to point transportation is normally performed in luxurious Lincoln towncars, or other sedans like Cadillac and Chrysler 300. American City Limousine also allow point to point transportation in stretch limos. As most limo companies  we will not allow point to point transportation on Fridays or Saturdays, as these dates are reserved for hourly service only. In addition, we will not allow point to point transportation on specific vehicles such as limo buses, Hummer H2 Limos, and any other specialty vehicles.

Is point-to-point Transportation Limo Service Expensive?

Chicago Point to Point Limo ServicesMore time than none, point to point transportation will have lower limo rates. Be careful not to choose the cheapest limo service in town. There is a reason why they are charging so cheap for limo services. A lot of people make a mistake and order point to point transportation when an hourly service is more cost effective. Here is an example: you are looking for a limo to pick you up at 1am from a bar, and you think point to point is a way to go because its is a much cheaper rate. Generally, limo companies will give you 10 to 15 min grace period of time for you to get in the limo. By the time you said you goodbye to all your friends it took you 40 minutes. Now, on top of your point to point rate, you will be charged extra for waiting time. So what was originally cheap limo service, now priced at a lot more than you originally bargained for? Also, cheap limo service equals poor service. There is no magic formula. Limo company prices cost an “x” amount of dollars because there are certain costs built-in in doing business. With all that said, you should definitely shop around. This will give an idea of median limo prices.

If you are budget conscience, don’t go for the cheapest limo service; instead, go for the best; American City Limousine.

Savvy event organizers have been choosing American City Limousine services for over a decade. American City Limousine understands that successful event transportation requires precision, flexibility, and anticipation. American City Limousine's luxury sedans and limousines are available for all of your clients travel needs. Our chauffeurs are trained to provide the highest level of service in the industry. Throughout their years of experience in executive transportation, they have honed their skills in responding proactively to the requirements of our clients. American City Limousine chauffeurs have an in-depth knowledge of their local service areas and so are able to seamlessly adjust to clients last minute needs. This is one reason why American City Limousine chauffeurs are considered the best in the business.

Please contact us via any method and we will be happy to work with your individual point to point transportation needs.

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