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An hourly limousine service is an alternative hourly transportation option for traveling in style. Our Limousines have many features including TV's, stereos, bars, hot tubs and sunroofs. American City Limousine hourly limos can be used for special events such as trips to the airport, weddings, proms, and graduations. The advantage to hiring an hourly limo is that you do not have to drive or determine who is going to be the designated driver. Hourly limos are rented for at least 3 hours - or longer during peak months of the year.

Chicago Hourly Service Limousine Services

Chicago Limousine Hourly ServicesHourly limousine rental time includes time you attend your event. Hourly limousine service is affordable, especially when the cost is divided amongst a group of people. Before hiring an hourly limo, get a copy of the hourly limousine rental agreement and make sure everyone reads it. You can see that hourly transportation is a great way for everyone to have a good time and have a good time when someone else is driving. There is a variety of hourly limos from which to choose. When selecting the hourly limousine you want, you need to consider how many people will be going to the event.

Just remember to include time spent at the event when figuring out how long you will need the limo.

The type of limousine that is best for hourly limo service depends on a number of factors. The first, and probably the most important, is how many people will be in the limo. The following list are the most common types of limos available - limo bus, hummer limo, luxurious sedan, Lincoln town car, stretch limo, luxury limo, classic limo and the Chrysler 300 limo. The limo bus, also known as a mini-bus or party bus, fits approximately 24 passengers and usually has limited availability. The  Motor Coach Party bus can fit up to 55 passengers. The hummer limo is in the category of a stretch SUV limousine and can fit approximately 10 - 24 people. Other limos in this class include the Suburban, Excursion, Yukon, Expedition and Escalade. Like the limo bus, it usually has limited availability. The luxury sedan and the Lincoln town care fits up to three people. They are the most affordable and a very good option when going to the airport. A stretch limo fits 6 - 10 people. They are considered classic limos. Some stretch limos might also be luxury limos. The Chrysler 300 limo fits 14 people and has options that include mirrored ceilings with star lights and flat screen TVs.

Chicago Limo Hourly ServicesIs Hourly Limo Service Expensive?
Another factor to be considered when selecting an hourly limo service is cost. Obviously, the more passengers in the limo (assuming the cost is to be divided amongst all of the passengers) the better.

The following list are things to consider when renting a limo - limo prices or limo rates and if there are any cheap limo services or discount limo services. Limo prices depend on the time of year, day and time of week, type of limo, geographic area, distance to be traveled, and type of service. Limo rates change when there is more demand.

Cheap limo services are possible to find, but you might not get the same service that you might get at American City Limousine. Cheap limos might not have the same amenities as our limos. Companies might advertise cheap limos by stating that tolls, parking, and no extra billing for waiting are included in their limo rate.

Always check what the limo prices include. A cheap limo service might not have the same number of limos available because they don't own the limos themselves.

A cheap limo service doesn't necessarily mean a cheap limo. Some places advertise as a discount limo service. Make sure you get limo quotes from them and limo quotes from other cheap limo service places before making a final decision. If you don't want a cheap limo but are on a budget, create a schedule you can live with and only rent a limo for the amount of time you can afford.

Why Choose American City Limousine Hourly Limo Service?
The third factor to consider when selecting an hourly limo service is what each limo company offers. Limousine companies offer different amenities. One limousine company might offer long stem roses, souvenir photos, climate controls and mood lighting. Another limousine company might offer ice chilled champagne, a stocked beverage bar and complimentary candies.

American City Limousine get their business by getting referrals from customers, and by keeping their customers satisfied so that they keep using our services again when they are looking to rent a limo. We also offer special rates on off peak times.  We also offer special packages such as a night cruise around the city, a wedding package, shopping packages or destination packages such as to specific Chicago Points of Interests. In short, choosing a limo company is up you to determine your monetary budget, how much time you will need the limo, how many passengers in the limo, which amenities are important, the availability of the limo you want, and possibly references from people you trust.

After it said your best choice is American City Limousine.

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